Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas...
from our hearts and home, to yours!
Daryle & Katie

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Our Eve of Christmas Eve Give-Away!

On this, the eve of Christmas Eve...
in the spirit of giving we wish to
have one more give-away!
Gottfried (Daryle's personal favorite)
whose name means: "God's peace"
will be going to live with the individual
whose name we have 
"picked out of the hat"
from all of the posts entered in
"The Reason for the Season"
 over the past four weeks of Advent.
Gottfried will be living with Rafael and his Mom
from My Tiny Studio... in California!
We couldn't be happier...  Daryle & Katie

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Congratulations to Our 4th Sunday in Advent Winners!

"Otto" will be going to live with
Diane MacNaughtan!
You have renewed our spirits
with your touching post Diane!

Oneta Carter will be receiving
four of Katie's handmade cards.
Oneta... thank you for sharing your
journey, with all of us!

Warmest Wishes... Daryle & Katie

Saturday, December 18, 2010

4th Week in Advent Give-Away!

As we approach Christmas...
Katie and I would like to share in the spirit of giving 
by giving away this fourth and final "Souls of Joy"
art doll AND one set of four handmade cards
This coming Wednesday "Otto
whose name means: "wealthy"
will find a new home... 
as will a packet of four handmade cards!
Don't you just love those "serious" brows!

Wednesday evening, Dec. 22nd...
Katie and I will choose the TWO posts that we feel 
best express the "Reason for the Season!"
Keep those posts coming...
Warmest Wishes! Daryle & Katie

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Congrats... to our 3rd Week in Advent Winners!

Julie, who lives and teaches in Chiang Rai Thailand
will be giving "Rafael" a new home this Christmas!
Thank you Julie... 
for sharing such an insightful reminder
of "the reason" with us!
Jody, from Tumbleweed Trails
will receive four of Katie's handmade cards!
Jody... your post inspires and affirms.

Next Wednesday evening, December 22nd
we will choose the fourth and final recipients
of a "Souls of Joy" doll and four handmade cards. 
Share with us: "The Reason for the Season!"
Daryle & Katie 

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Third Week in Advent -Give-Away!

In the spirit of this Christmas Season...
Katie and I would like to share the joy...
by giving away each week one of the "Souls of Joy" 
art dolls and one set of four handmade cards.

This coming Wednesday, Dec. 15th  
"Rafael... whom God has healed” will find a new home...  
as will a packet of four handmade cards!
Here's how it works: each Wednesday 
evening (12/1, 12/8, 12/15, 12/22) 
Katie and I will choose the TWO posts  that we feel 
best express the "Reason for the Season!"
Each week, one post will be selected to receive 
a "Soul of Joy" doll, and one post will be selected  
to receive a set of four handmade cards.
We invite you to post... inspire, and be inspired!
Yuletide Blessings... Daryle & Katie

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Congratulations... our Second Week in Advent Winners!

Once again... we are just overwhelmed by 
the heart-warming responses to 
"The Reason for the Season!"

Sascha will make his new home with
Annette, from Confounded Concoctions.

Four of Katie's handmade cards
will find their way to the home of Brenda Escoto
who lives in Folsom, CA.
Brenda was unable to post her comment on our blog,
but sent it via e-mail... it touched our hearts deeply!

Please keep those posts coming... as a new
"Souls of Joy" doll and four more cards
will be finding their way to new homes 
next Wednesday evening, December 15th.

Share with us: "The Reason for the Season!"
Daryle & Katie

Friday, December 3, 2010

Second Week in Advent Give-Away!

During this wondrous Christmas Season... Katie and I
would like to share in the spirit of giving by
giving away each week... one of the "Souls of Joy"
 art dolls AND one set of four handmade cards.

This Wednesday, Dec. 8th  
"Sascha... defender of mankind" 
will find a new home... 
as will a packet of four handmade cards!
Here is how it works: 
During these fours weeks in Advent
 between now and Christmas 
on Wednesday evening (12/1, 12/8, 12/15, 12/22) 
Katie and I will choose the TWO posts
 that we feel best express the "Reason for the Season!"
Each week, one post will be selected to receive 
"Soul of Joy" doll, and one post will be selected  
to receive a set of four handmade cards.
Share the joy and post a note that inspires us all!
Yuletide Blessings... Daryle & Katie

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Congratulations... our First Week in Advent Winners!

We were just overwhelmed by the heartfelt posts
that have been shared this first week!
It was so difficult to choose just two...
Huppert will be on his way tomorrow 
to his new home with Teresa Swanson.

Four of Katie's lovely handmade cards
will be sent out this week to Anita, 
from Primitive Dolls and Sweet Nothings.

Please keep those posts coming... as a new
"Souls of Joy" doll and four more cards
will be finding their way to new homes 
next Wednesday evening, December 8th.

Share with us: "The Reason for the Season!"
Daryle & Katie

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Jesus IS the Reason for the Season... we are excited about our Weekly Give-Away!

We are so blessed... as we enter this Advent Season!
Our way of sharing that JOY is to give away each week, 
over the next four weeks... one of the "Souls of Joy" art 
dolls that I made this past summer... AND one set of four
 handmade cards that Katie has designed.

Here's how it will work: During each of the four weeks 
in Advent, between now and Christmas on Wednesday
 evening (12/1, 12/8, 12/15, 12/22) Katie and I will 
choose the TWO posts that we feel best express 
the "Reason for the Season!"
Each week, one post will be selected to receive a 
"Soul of Joy" doll, and one post will be selected  
to receive a set of four handmade cards.**
(**the cards will be hand selected by Katie, this photo
 only represents the cards that may be selected
This coming Wednesday evening, December 1st"...
"Huppert" will find a new home! 
As will a selection of four cards.**
Have fun... and drop us a note, that inspires us all 
and touches at the very heart of Christmas!
Our Warmest Wishes... Daryle and Katie
P.S. Huppert's name means: "bright spirit"... 
(not "light" spirit) Tsk! Tsk!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Blessings!

From our home and hearts... 
to yours!
Daryle and Katie

Friday, November 19, 2010

le gardien de memoire... that is to say: "The Memory Keeper"

I will cover the styrofoam ball with paper clay... I'm not planning on inserting eyes, but rather, painting them on the face.  The temporary "halo" is from a dismantled solar walkway light!  Tsk! Tsk!
The arms of my "keeper" are once again, wooden craft finials (for which I have this weird affinity it seems).  I base-coated the old black lacquered finish with Krylon outdoor/indoor primer... it works like a dream!  The game plan is to cover the entire box-body with vintage and scrap-booking papers.  I have three metal book plates (one for each drawer) that I will eventually add and then insert labels in.
Ahhh... the wings?  I'm trusting that at just the right moment; inspiration will come knocking at my door and I will know how to finish them (perhaps a bit of modeling paste to add some interesting texture?)  The wings are cut from 1/8 inch craft plywood and I have attached them to the box-body with small metal hinges and screws... for a bit of whimsical movement! 

A New Art Doll: "The Memory Keeper"

I came across this 14 inch high three drawer black lacquered jewelry box at the Glassboro Goodwill Store... it was marked $7.00.  
I knew in a moment that those three drawers were destined to hold keepsakes–– guarded by the Memory Keeper.
I envision an art doll that will hold treasured keepsakes, from the past.  For me, the inspiration came in part from a children’s bereavement workshop that I attended six years ago.  The instructor, Virginia Frey, introduced us to the concept of creating a “memory box.”  
A simple box filled with small objects that carry special significance and meaning!  Over the next several weeks... I will post photos of this work in progress!   Blessings... Daryle  

Monday, November 15, 2010

A Journey Within A Journey!

This was a personal journey;
 acknowledging the past and embracing the future.
 The long journey home:
a childhood memory; where family still resides.
a “distant country”–– where we raised our children.
a promised land, where eternity will unfold. 

The Long Journey Home...

There are three parts to this assemblage...
and correspondingly; three parts to the journey!
• there is the doll...
• there is the boat ("phaeton" on wheels)...
• there is the mast with the bluebird in tow...

My father-in-law would often remind me:
"The journey is the best part of a trip!"

He was absolutely right!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Sneak Peek... The Journey's End!

What an adventure this journey has been...
working on "Phaeton #2"
I finished him this evening  and hope to post 
a few more pictures in the next day or two!
More about the journey... later!
Blessings... Daryle

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

"Phaeton #2"... Is the Whole Greater Than the Sum of the Parts?

All of the "parts" seem to be falling in place,
for "Phaeton #2"
His boat is finished...
I made a paper clay black crow 
sitting on a perch, to hang from the mast.
He still needs a coat of gesso and some paint
on his head and hands...
and then I will add a crackle finish.
His arms and wings need to be wired on,
a few vintage buttons and trims
and he will be ready for that "Long Journey Home!"

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Understated Elegance, Whimsy and Charm... Katie's newest handmade cards!

Here are some of Katie's newest handmade cards...
each one a feast for the eyes and balm for the soul!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"Phaeton #2"... a Personality Emerges!

A personality is emerging, as I add a bit of paperclay here 
and brush a little wash of color on there. 
I love his "bookish" and "boyish" look!
(it must be the vintage eye glasses)
His little boat sits on a wooden cube
that I have stenciled in checkerboard.
The cube sits on wooden legs
that are dry brushed in sage green,
dark cream and deep burgundy.
His body needs to be fully stuffed, 
arms and hands need to be sculpted...  
and an anchor will hang somewhere!
Enjoy the journey with me!  Daryle

Monday, October 25, 2010

Ahhh... Four Days in Vermont!

Shelburne Farms... a perfect day, 
standing beneath the Coach Barn Cupola!

Fall Foliage... some of the sugar maples waited for us!

Snow on the Adirondacks... looking over Lake Champlain!

Our precious grandson... with boundless energy; 
who loves to turn anything that he can get his hands on!
(Yup! Even a vintage water hydrant in the old coach barn) 

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sufficient Phaeton #2... The Long Journey Home!

Well... it looks like we have a sailboat 
for "Phaeton (wagon) #2"...  Tsk, Tsk!
I'm ready to begin adding paperclay
to his 4 inch styrofoam base head.
I set his big blue eyes low on his face,
hoping to capture a child-like look.
(looks a bit like a mummy at this moment!)
Sail Away... we're off to Vermont for a 
four day weekend with our kids and grandson!

Friday, October 15, 2010

"Phaeton" #2... The Long Journey Home!

The journey continues... 
Using the two remaining spoke rimmed 
doll buggy wheels, a wood block,
and some wooden finials... 
"Phaeton" (wagon) #2 is in the works!
The styrofoam balls and vintage enamel funnels
will be incorporated into the new doll.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Winter Issue of Art Doll Quarterly!

"Sentinel of Winter" will be featured in
 the newest issue of Art Doll Quarterly
due to arrive at your favorite bookstore 
and magazine stand on November 1st.
You can imagine how excited I was
to hear from Stampington & Company
that "Sentinel" is the cover story
for this wonderful winter issue!

To order your copy from Stampington & Company
please use this link:
Share the joy and be blessed...  Daryle

Friday, October 8, 2010

Our One Year Anniversary Give-Away...Two Winners!

"The Queen of Hearts" 
will be going to live with Vicky! 
On September 19th she posted:

"I love the depth of your work! 
How you plant the seed of an idea. 
As your creation evolves so does our imagination. 
Thank you for taking us along 
on your creative journeys. So Inspiring! -Vicky"

"Le Petit Acrobate... the little acrobat"
will be going to live with jenclair!
On September 9th she posted:

"What a wonderful opportunity! 
I'm definitely in...with my fingers crossed!

Congratulations to both 
Vicky and jenclair!
And our heartfelt thanks 
to each one who posted a note 
as we celebrated 
our first year of blogging!

Vicky and jenclair... contact us 
at our e-mail address
to arrange for shipping!
Warmest Wishes & Congrats Again...
Daryle & Katie  

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


"Sufficient Phaeton" is Finished!

Looking back over the past few weeks... 
I marvel at the inspiration that
an old vintage planer 
and a long forgotten poem
can muster up!

Details... Details... Details!

Details really do make a difference!
I just finished assembling
"Sufficient Phaeton"... realizing
there were a multitude of details
that made this doll so challenging!
From coffee-dying the canvas
and adding cinnamon and cloves...
to choosing just the right
 vintage bone buttons...
to incorporating a rusty, flattened bottle cap...
and then coffee-staining the poem and cord!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Emily's Poem

Here is Emily Dickinson's poem...
the inspiration for "Sufficient Phaeton"

"Unto Me?" I do not know you—
Where may be your House?
"I am Jesus Late of Judea
Now— of Paradise"
Wagons— have you— to convey me?
This is far from Thence—
"Arms of Mine sufficient Phaeton
Trust Omnipotence"
I am spotted— "I am Pardon"
I am small— "The Least
is esteemed in Heaven the Chiefest
Occupy my House"

-Emily Dickinson    #964

"Sufficient Phaeton" Has a Face!

Ugh! We are just coming out of a twelve hour 
power outage here in South Jersey... 
we had gale force winds 
and lots and lots of rain overnight.  
But all is well!  Even as I type, the sun is out 
and the sky is bright azure blue.  
"Sufficient Phaeton" finally has a face... 
I was able to finish adding ears 
and paperclay eyelids last night.
Yup... this little guy will eventually 
be wearing an earring too 
(a bent paperclip will have to suffice for now).  

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"Sufficient Phaeton"... a New Art Doll!

The inspiration for this newest art doll
comes from one of Emily Dickinson's poems!
This raggle-taggle rider is made from 
paperclay, canvas duck cloth and wood.
He wears a small, vintage oil can on his head.
He will eventually have articulated arms and legs...
A paperclay head (to cover this styrofoam ball)
 and paperclay hands are in the works!
I will post the poem that inspired him in a day or so...  
Blessings, Daryle