Saturday, December 18, 2010

4th Week in Advent Give-Away!

As we approach Christmas...
Katie and I would like to share in the spirit of giving 
by giving away this fourth and final "Souls of Joy"
art doll AND one set of four handmade cards
This coming Wednesday "Otto
whose name means: "wealthy"
will find a new home... 
as will a packet of four handmade cards!
Don't you just love those "serious" brows!

Wednesday evening, Dec. 22nd...
Katie and I will choose the TWO posts that we feel 
best express the "Reason for the Season!"
Keep those posts coming...
Warmest Wishes! Daryle & Katie


  1. Well.. I have sat here at my keyboard now for 5 minutes with my eyes welling up with tears, trying to swallow the lump in my throat that just seems to be getting bigger and bigger by the moment..
    You see..with the circumstances & events that has surrounded my life this past week, I found myself doubting the one who has walked by my side & held my hand throughout my whole life.. I have spent the last few days feeling, lost, empty and confused.. I even told my husband that I was canceling Christmas!
    "The Reason for the Season" for me is simply this.. A dear friend who is miles away, who I have not burdened with the unpleasant recent events in my life, sends me an email to visit your giveaway, " The Reason For The Season " So while wallowing in my own hopeless state of self pity I clicked on the link and glanced over your lovely blog, I read over your about me profile and got an instant smile.. two Highschool sweethearts together all these years, still full of love and doing what they love together.. very inspiring to me! :) Then, I read the giveaway post.. The prizes are SO reading on to see what I need to do to win I focused on those words "Reason For The Season" This brings me back to the first of my post.. With a HUGE lump in my throat and tears rolling down my face I humbly say.. the reason for the Season is..Our Savior Jesus Christ was born,and all of his love and hope for the world!
    I know now in my heart he did not give up on me, when I gave up on him this week.. he led me here through my dear friend Jody, to meet two wonderful people with a strong faith who have already given me the best gift of all... a gift to make my amends & really remember the reason for the Season.. Jesus & Hope.

    Wishing you Daryle & Katie
    A Joyous Christmas!

  2. You Know I don't write that much but the things I am thankful for are , am alive and I am thankful that I still have my mom :)

    Daryle & Katie Have wonderful holiday and a great New Year !


  3. You two have still blown me away with the giveaway of Huppert...I am still pinching myself that I won him. You are both such generous souls...the Lord will bless you richly.
    hugs and all that is full of joy and song comes your way at this glorious holiday season!
    Teresa S. in Cloth and Clay