Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Teddy for Our Grandson!

My heartfelt thanks to Vivianne Galli for designing and sharing this wonderful pattern. Using her "Sara" bear pattern... I made our grand-baby his first teddy bear, celebrating his first birthday on December 28th!
Meet Ryan's Bear...

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Blessings!

Wishing you the peace and joy that comes in knowing the Prince of Peace!

Daryle & Katie

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Good Saint Nick!

I finished Saint Nick just in time for our open house at the parsonage last evening. He stands about 22 inches tall, finding his home on our fireplace mantle among the greens and pine cones. His waist coat jacket is wool, his leggings cotton flannel and his head is paperclay. A local lamb provided his locks! A generous sprinkle of German glass glitter and he’s ready for the journey on Christmas Eve! His bag of wood wool and sticks says: “Naughty boys & girls gets sticks and coal!” On a personal note: I have learned this the hard way! The hang tag on his waist coat reads: “Riding the pale moon, in the night sky... Good Saint Nick with a twinkle in his eye.” Daryle

Our First Winter Storm!

We are in the middle of a powerful nor’easter... with well over a foot of snow on the ground, and a forecast of steady snow through the night! It is our first real snow storm in four winters, here in South Jersey! Our neighbors have been just incredible, out shoveling sidewalks for folks and clearing driveways as well. We have a fire in the fireplace and plan on settling in for a quiet evening at home! The feeders have been a flurry of feathers all day, with buntings, cardinals, house wrens, chickadees, finches and jays... all getting their fill. Spread the cheer!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


"But now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love."

1. Corinthians 13:13


"And hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out within our hearts..."

Romans 5:5a


"Now FAITH is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen."

Hebrews 11:1

"Faith, Hope and Love!"

Meet our three primitive folk art angel stuffies: “Faith, Hope and Love!”

All three were chosen for publication in the November-December 2009 issue of Cloth•Paper•Scissors. They really do represent what we love the most in primitive folk art: simplicity, a bit of whimsy, the integration of vintage materials and “that look!”

The angels are made using transfers of vintage photographs that are ironed on to Osnaburg fabric. We love working with the nubby, coarse texture and natural color of this fabric. Osnaburg has been the fabric of choice, for years, in our cloth folk art designs and creations. After the basic body shape is cut out and machine sewn, it is then stuffed with polyester fiber-filling.
The fabric body is painted with watered-down acrylics. The photo transfer faces are hand tinted, with colored pencils After each angel is coffee-stained–– embellishments, vintage laces and details are added.
What fun, on a crisp Fall day! Daryle & Katie

Cloth•Paper•Scissors Challenge

We are honored!

Our three primitive folk art angel stuffies: “Faith, Hope and Love” can be seen in the November- December issue 27 of Cloth• Paper• Scissors on page 75.

They were chosen for publication in response to the “Winter Holiday Critter Stuffies” reader challenge. Readers of this wonderful, mixed-media magazine were invited to design original pieces that fit the criteria for this particular challenge.
Our heartfelt THANKS to the folks at Cloth•Paper•Scissors. Daryle & Katie

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Folk Art Doll

This second doll, is designed with a wooden head and will be considered for Art Doll Quarterly's Wood Doll Artist's Challenge. She has a fine crackle finish on her head, arms, and hands (which have individual fingers and opposable thumbs). I was pleased with the soft, warm finish that the antiquing process achieved.

The wooden wings were originally stenciled with a red and black checkerboard pattern. Not particularly pleased with my outcome, I sanded down most of the pattern and dry brushed over it. The wings still looked too “clean” and in a moment, without giving it a second thought; I snapped the wings in two! I then proceeded to cut out two makeshift wooden “band-aids” and carelessly nailed them in place. A bit more sanding, a splash of white paint and... Voila! Mended, well-worn wings!

Well Wishes... Daryle & Katie


Both of the folk art cage dolls are finished and have found their way to Laguna Hills, California! Now we wait... to hear from the editors of Art Doll Quarterly.

This paper clay head doll has high hopes... as she waits to hear if she will be invited to be in the premier issue of Prims, coming out in April of 2010! She holds in her hands a handmade bird's nest with three speckled blue-green eggs gently resting within. Her coffee stained hang tag reads: "Oh glorious anthem, all nature sings– resplendent like the king of kings..." Take flight... Daryle

Monday, October 19, 2009

Oh Glorious Anthem!

A second cage doll is in the works! Designing the cage-skirt for this particular piece was a challenge. I (Daryle) wanted a vintage look, reminiscent of old Victorian wicker with beading. We found some great scrapbook paper that has the appearance of being water-stained. It will look perfect on the bottom of the wooden skirt base. We made the bird’s nest with grapevine, wood wool and backyard twigs... and will eventually speckle the eggs and add a crackle finish to complete them. The hang tag will (hopefully!) tie the piece together with the theme: “Oh glorious anthem, all nature sings...” This angel cage doll will be holding the nest in her hands, once it is attached.

I photographed the art doll head and bodice using the “museum” setting; to soften the image. The art doll was sculpted with paper clay over a paper armature. Her entire head, upper body and arms are finished with a fine porcelain look, crackle medium. Like our wooden cage doll, her features have been finished in the “Queen Anne style.” She has glass eyes, softly defined eye brows and lashes and sculpted black hair. Our aging process gives her that “attic find” well-loved appearance. All of the laces and trims are vintage scraps... that will eventually be sewn in place. Be blessed! Daryle & Katie

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Simplicity in Detail

We found this wonderful old pocket watch at the New Castle Farmers Market in Delaware, just over the river from us. Its simple form adds the perfect detail to the wooden cage skirt on the art doll.

Like so many artisans–– we love “the hunt” as much as the bargaining back and forth over the price! We picked up several time pieces that day–– carefully setting them aside in our stash of treasures, knowing that one day each would find the perfect home.

The coffee stained hang tag expresses a familiar and beloved sentiment: “Forget Me Not...” Over the years, we have become “coffee stain” addicts! We love the warm, worn appearance that lends itself to our work. The theatre gauze that is draped around the back of the cage is coffee stained too... of course! Daryle & Katie

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Folk Art Cage Doll

Cage dolls have always fascinated us... Inspired by the "Queen Anne style" dolls that are once again so popular, our doll stands about 20 inches high. Her head is wood; as is her cage. Canvas duck cloth was used for her bodice and upper arms (not yet attached). The lower arms will be wood. Enjoy! Daryle

Our Story

Many, many years ago (actually, the year was 1978) in a place that now seems far, far away (up in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom)... two best friends began a wonder-filled journey together! Little did we know that it would prove to be a pilgrimage, of sorts, into the incredible world of folk art! Primitive dolls, mohair teddy bears, whimsical Saint Nick’s, and angels... lots and lots of angels! Here we are, thirty-something years later... and the journey is still new, exciting (at times uncertain) and yet, so very satisfying.

Welcome to Woodstown Whimsies! In the weeks and months ahead, we hope to share with you–– our passion for primitive folk art and sundry handmade work.