Saturday, July 28, 2012

Moon Full Bloom!

I finally got some Datura to grow and bloom… 
here in South Jersey!  It has only taken seven summers! 
They seem to thrive here for everyone else... Hmmmm!

This plant started out as a 2011 "left-over" that I found in May 
at a nursery, standing about 8 inches tall at the time.  
Now as you can see, they're thriving in the back corner 
of our patio area!  They just started blooming this week… 
these three opened last evening; greeting us this morning; 
I just HAD to get a picture of them!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Brush it on... Wipe it off!

The process begins: "brush it on... wipe some off; repeat...
brush it on... wipe some off!"

I started with a wash of raw umber 
to provide a bit of underlying shadow.
I will then layer some soft white and cream top coats... 
"brush it on... wipe some off!"

A stray vintage crocheted glove has been sitting around, "waiting..." 
for this moment!  It became the perfect period bonnet!
I tucked the "fingers" of the glove inside the beautifully detailed
work around the crocheted hand and wrist part of the glove.

Her paper clay corset was also given a wash of raw umber 
that I wiped off, and then a wash of patina green and coral blush.

 And then there's the cascading crushed tulle... 
which will somehow fit into the scheme of things... right?
(my hope: the tulle will "frame" all of the lost dolls)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

It doesn't get better than this!

We are exhausted... exhilarated... and everything in between!
Our two grandson's were just here for a four day visit;
these pics pretty much say is all  (though I added captions!)
Jonathan and Ryan... "wrestling"
(you should have heard Ryan giggle and Jonathan squeal!)
Jonathan bouncing on "Pop-Pop's" knees!
(his disposition is as sweet as that smile!)
Ryan "fishing" in one of our birdbaths!
(our birds were not amused, one little bit!)

Friday, July 13, 2012

The Winds of Change... a Clay Corset!

She has taken on a life of her own...
this "Keeper of the Lost Dolls!"
The paper napkin corset is out... a paper clay corset is in
(or should I say "on!)
 Once the paper clay has dried, I will look for some
vintage lace or netting in my stash and then stuff it...
Well, place it... strategically to provide her 
with a bit of proper, 18th century lady-like modesty! (wink!)
 Katie helped me use her paper embossing tool and I cut
some scrapbooking papers and ran them through the embosser;
giving the paper both texture and a bit of curl (after dampening it)!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

"The Keeper of Lost Dolls" is coming along!

The paper clay is drying... I couldn't resist adding a 
bit of blush just to get a sense of what she could look like!
I cut up a piece of vintage millinery netting, 
complete with flowers... adding it to the top of the cage.  
The corset is a single-ply decorative paper napkin 
that I tore in small pieces and applied to the paper clay torso, 
with water and a paint brush.
I cut a "seam" around her neck... to get the effect that the head
was added/articulated, like some of the old 17th wooden dolls.
The inset eyes are vintage black shoe buttons.
I'm not sure what I am doing with the wood and wire
jointed arms... but I'm lovin' it!
I will paint her head, arms and hands... apply a crackle finish,
and then distress it to give her a time-worn look.
I incorporated the label that was on the 
millinery netting... kinda funky and fun!
This is the part of the creative process that I love the most;
when everything (more or less) falls in place!
She is finally coming all together...
"The Keeper of the Dolls!"

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Teaser...

"The Keeper"... is coming along!
Thanks to PicMonkey... 
I was able to add a bit of "mood" to this pic.
(going for the vintage treasure, found in the attic look)
I have added a layer of paper clay to her head & shoulders,
as well as that skinny little waist and her hips.
I'm using vintage black shoe buttons for the eye forms,
but will probably end up painting them.
She has a nose (to be re-shaped) and still needs a mouth, 
lower eye-lids, and a bit of fullness in her cheeks...

I decided to insert a wooden dowel into the fabric armature
as a "back-up plan" just in case I want to have her arms
dangle from her shoulder sockets.
Thank so much for the encouraging comments! Daryle

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Armature Awaits Paper Clay Application!

The Armature:
•machine sewn "hour-glass" cloth body...
•polyester fiberfill to give the form a bit of fullness...
•a cinched waist (my improvised corset!)...
•a bit of masking tape...
•a shaved styrofoam ball (discarding the center section)...
•a bit MORE masking tape around the head...
•a dab of glue to attach it to the the birdcage...

Standing approximately 22 inches tall, 
she is ready for an application of paper clay 
directly over the cotton duck cloth armature.
Let the FUN begin!