Sunday, July 22, 2012

Brush it on... Wipe it off!

The process begins: "brush it on... wipe some off; repeat...
brush it on... wipe some off!"

I started with a wash of raw umber 
to provide a bit of underlying shadow.
I will then layer some soft white and cream top coats... 
"brush it on... wipe some off!"

A stray vintage crocheted glove has been sitting around, "waiting..." 
for this moment!  It became the perfect period bonnet!
I tucked the "fingers" of the glove inside the beautifully detailed
work around the crocheted hand and wrist part of the glove.

Her paper clay corset was also given a wash of raw umber 
that I wiped off, and then a wash of patina green and coral blush.

 And then there's the cascading crushed tulle... 
which will somehow fit into the scheme of things... right?
(my hope: the tulle will "frame" all of the lost dolls)


  1. I knew there was a reason you're one of my favorite doll makers. :~)

  2. She is absolutly beautiful! I agree with Jan, you are indeed one of my favorite doll makers.

  3. Oh wow she is gorgeous, pleased to have found you!

  4. Oh so happy to see a little more of her!! She is beautiful!!! Keep up the fantastic progress!!!

  5. She's gorgeous! Fantastic job!!
    Can't wait to see more.

  6. She is so very wonderful. I covet her!!! *smile*