Sunday, October 23, 2011

Santos Angel

With this Santos... I have decided to sculpt clay of 
over cloth. The cloth I have chosen happens to be one of my
 favorite fabrics. It is a rugged 10 oz. duck cloth cotton canvas, 
that is unbleached. Duck cloth and I have a "long history" of 
working together... going all the way back to our earliest days 
up in Vermont. Kingdom Krafts... which was the name of our 
little registered cottage industry became associated by name 
with "canvas folk art." When folks heard "canvas folk art"... 
they often thought of Kingdom Krafts.
Well... having said that; that was then and this is now!  
I just plain enjoy working with a sturdy duck cloth!
The fabric is nailed with 9/16 tacks to the wooden cage frame,
also a squirt of Elmer's wood glue here and there for strength.
I'm hoping to introduce some old rusty screening by fabricating a 
metal corset over and/or into the paper maché and paper clay.
Happy Sunday evening... Daryle

Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday's Favorite... rachel whetzel

It's going to be a perfect autumn day, here in South Jersey...
boatloads of sunshine, a bit of a breeze, and we're approaching
peak color as the maples, ash, and sugar gum trees drop their leaves.

It's also a perfect day to stop by and visit rachel whetzel...
at her blog, website, and shop!

Her dolls have been published and featured in 
PRIMS, Art Doll Quarterly 
and other wonderful publications... 
rachel's blog: "Memories of Mine to Thine" 
is a good place to start... 
You'll love her steampunk doll found on the October 7th post!
Have fun and tell her that I said "Hi!"   Daryle

Monday, October 17, 2011


This past Friday morning the car was packed and we were ready to 
walk out the door...  leaving for a wedding in Olean, NY.  
It would be a seven hour trip from Woodstown.
The phone rang... it was 6:00 a.m.
 "Hi Dad!  The contractions are coming every five to eight minutes...
we're on our way to the hospital!"
And at 12:55 p.m.   our second grandson was born!
Jonathan... "a gift from the Lord"
We arrived in Olean, well before the wedding rehearsal on Friday.  
The ceremony on Saturday was a testimony  to the glory of God, 
and the reception that followed was a hoot!
Katie and I danced the night away... returned to the B & B in Allegany 
and enjoyed breakfast the next morning with the groom's family. 
We arrived in North Jersey by mid afternoon on Sunday... 
(more than ready to see that family of ours) and just in time to snap a pic 
of big brother Ryan holding little Jonathan for the very first time!
We think they're going to be best friends!
Life is good...   Daryle & Katie

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Santos Cage... Body Beginnings!

Focus... "to concentrate attention or energy"
This Santos has helped me to once again "focus"
and move forward!
I have added a "finial" of sorts... 
to the inside of the cage for interest.  
Perhaps something will eventually dangle from it?
I added a halved styrofoam ball, to provide some shape
for the doll's hips... soon to be covered with a fabric armature.
I do so much better "visualizing" with a paper representation...
I like the proportions.  Her long waist will drop when I actually 
"tuck" the fabric and attach it to the wooden upper base.  

Monday, October 10, 2011

Santos Angel... Has a Cage!

"floundering"...  a verb: to struggle, to make mistakes.
Goodness, that says it all!  I feel as though I've been
floundering in the aftermath, the past few weeks.
Perhaps "wallowing" would be an even better word choice!
Having "wallowed" long enough... I started working on the cage
for a new Santos Angel!
 I used some poplar furring strips, over-laying them with 
decorative pine moulding that I attached to a basswood base. 
Her tiny 4-3/4" waist base is pine. Some drywall screws and good 
ol' Elmer's wood glue seems to be holding it all together! This Santos 
will be quite large; the cage is 19 inches high. I'm thinking that will 
make the doll close to 36 inches tall.  Happy Trails!  Daryle

Sunday, October 2, 2011

A New Doll... in the Works!

My excuse?  Well, our downstairs is still waiting for new flooring,
following the carpet soaking waters of Irene!
Two weeks ago we finally pulled the last of the old, original tile flooring up...
(the carpet went four weeks ago)
The new flooring will be delivered tomorrow, acclimate and be installed on Tuesday.
My workshop is a disaster: furniture piled, stacked, jammed and junked all over the place.  Being a bit "over the top tidy"... (Yup! basically O.C.D.)
I struggle to work in a "less than well organized" environment.
This evening I decided to venture into that very same space and at least attempt
to "work on" the base for a new Santos!  I am defining "work on" as taking a photo of potential materials to be used in the base of the new cage doll.  Sad, huh?
And so it goes...  Happy Sunday evening!  Daryle