Sunday, October 2, 2011

A New Doll... in the Works!

My excuse?  Well, our downstairs is still waiting for new flooring,
following the carpet soaking waters of Irene!
Two weeks ago we finally pulled the last of the old, original tile flooring up...
(the carpet went four weeks ago)
The new flooring will be delivered tomorrow, acclimate and be installed on Tuesday.
My workshop is a disaster: furniture piled, stacked, jammed and junked all over the place.  Being a bit "over the top tidy"... (Yup! basically O.C.D.)
I struggle to work in a "less than well organized" environment.
This evening I decided to venture into that very same space and at least attempt
to "work on" the base for a new Santos!  I am defining "work on" as taking a photo of potential materials to be used in the base of the new cage doll.  Sad, huh?
And so it goes...  Happy Sunday evening!  Daryle  


  1. I love Santos dolls! And have a lot of 'raw' material to make a few. So, I will be very interested to see your 'take' on a Santos doll ...will it have a 'Santa' theme to it? Being funny here~ I saw some reproduction Santos dolls at American Harvest (the store) last fall in the city of Pleasanton, California, one of my favorite 'old town' cities to visit which is 150 miles from where we live. There used to be more antique stores in the city, but with the economy the way it is, the stores 'went under'.
    I truly hope the economy picks up for America...seems there are continual set-backs. I guess we just need to be thankful for what sanity we all still have.
    Do have a blessed week, and I hope your workshop gets put back together again soon.
    Teresa in Cloth and Clay

  2. Hope you get order and serenity back in your work space...

    Looking forward to the Santos!

  3. I have missed you for a while Waiting for your santo doll gave up on making one I did buy one on ebay. maybe I will try again Your blog gives me incentive Laura

  4. I wish I had a little of your OCD. It seems my space is always in disarray. I love working in a nice tidy area, but it seems I need lots of "stuff" around me to feel inspired. If "my stuff" is all tucked away, I forget what I have!