Saturday, September 28, 2013

Finds from the Greenwich Artisans' Faire & Marketplace

Historical Greenwich, N.J. settled around 1685... celebrates their
42nd Annual Artisans' Faire~Marketplace today and tomorrow.
We always find "treasures" walking along the historic streets
lined with well appointed brick and stone homes, smothered in ivy,
and the warm, worn colors of the afternoon sunlight.  
Well, today was no exception!
One of the vendors (dressed in period clothing) always
has these incredible finds... that fill her tables.
All of these brass pins, locks, keys and what-nots were marked
at 50¢ each... and will eventually find their way to yet another
mixed media or art doll ensemble.
Katie spotted this child's chair, wired with broken spindles...
and we both immediately thought: perfect on our front step!
It has found a new home...  Happy hunting!

Friday, September 27, 2013

My Recycled Zinnias!

It was time... for the zinnias that I had planted from last year's seeds,
to be recycled and replaced by some fresh fall asters and mums!
The brush pile of dozens of zinnia heads still merit the camera's lens!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Shrine Doll Workshop: a Work In Progress...Peek!

I have been plugging away this past week...
video-recording & editing; while working on this mixed media doll!
He has a raw umber base-coat... so all that's really holding me up 
is the top coat on his arms, shoulders and head.
(O.K. and some COLOR... he needs some color!)
I will be introducing some terra cotta, verdi green and blue 
perhaps some yellow ochre.
In the class we'll discuss "structures" for use as a doll body
(remember... mine was a craftsman style mantle clock)
We'll also cover sculpting a head with paper clay, 
and of course: all the delicious details that make it O.O.A.K.
It's always about the "details!"
Thanks for taking a peek... Daryle

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Angel Shrine Doll Workshop & Class... a W.I.P.

Yup! Still a work-in-progress... but I am just about half-way through 
video-taping and editing the workshop-class!  It's been a trip...
I am hoping to offer the class at the trodden path... sigh!
Jane (our fearless leader and host) and I have been in conversation!
Stay tuned... (wink!)

Turnings, Turnings, Everywhere...

On a late Sunday afternoon drive, Katie and I stopped  just outside of Salem at Caman's Antiques and I found ten of these wonderful wood turnings tucked away in a basket, near the back of the shop. 
(two of each size and shape) 
Now you tell me... @ 50¢ each, how could I say "No!" 

Friday, September 20, 2013

Pumpkins, Pumpkins... Everywhere!

                         We both love this time of the year...
and just returned from an early evening drive to
"Duffield's Pumpkin Patch" in Sewell.
The colors, textures, and shapes are other worldly! 
Happy Fall! (oh, just a little early...)