Saturday, August 20, 2011

Through My Lens...

I have complied a few pics of my Birdhouse Shrine Doll... still a W.I.P.
His paper hat (with metal grommets on each side) is full of illustrations 
and music from a vintage German children's book.
The gold heart hangs in one of the open window panes, 
near a reproduction metal keyhole on the door. 

I really love the sentiment "forget me not" 
and often incorporate it in my assemblages and dolls.
It is on coffee-stained paper, enclosed by a metal frame.
The small, gold heart that hangs in the window frame is paper clay.

Inside the door are my quail eggs... 
I found some vintage doll stockings that fit perfectly 
on his skinny, painted legs!
The vintage shoes were one of those "finds"... though I had to 
add some shoe buttons that had been lost over the years.

The birdhouse shrine is finished... now, to work on that head of his!

Excuse the "spill-over" on the photos but I hated to crop or downsize them...
Wishing you wellness, in the week ahead! Daryle

Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday's Favorite...

I hope you'll take a minute to visit Julie Howe
at "My Curious Tea Party!"

Julie is one of the most creative, kindred spirits we know...
she recently posted some wonderful dolls, at her Etsy shoppe!
Daryle & Katie

Friday, August 5, 2011

ADQ Bottle Doll Challenge!

Ol' "Harvest Moon"... is off to California!
After much debate... I decided that his 
funnel hat would not travel with him... sigh!
My thought... give his lovely old crater head 
every opportunity to shine!  Tsk! Tsk!
  He stands only 10 inches tall...
but his smile fills a room!

A "Rule" to Live By!

We have been collecting (Oh, tell me it's not "hoarding")
these vintage wooden rules (or, if you insist: rulers) for years.
A hammer and wood chisel easily pops them apart...
but boy-oh-boy does it do a number on the chisel tip!
The vintage lens that I found along the way... just "fits!"

His hat is heavy manila card stock that I photocopied 
images onto, from a vintage German children's book
of monochrome illustrations and songs.
Then I (surprise factor) coffee-stained it!
I love his red wings...

I'm thinking of incorporating some coffee-stained and tattered 
cotton canvas fabric strips along the front panels of the door,
some vintage slouch stockings... and I have to begin thinking
about finishing his head!
Wishing you a restful weekend... Daryle