Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Raven (Raving?) Musings...

So... how did I get here? (the process in review)

Like all of my paper maché critters...their humble beginnings 
can be traced back to recycling bins and masking tape.
Lots of masking tape!

"The Keeper of the Keys" has a newspaper and brown bag
body armature wrapped with galvanized wire (16 gauge)
and masking tape.  Did I mention... lots of masking tape?
His head will be built-up over a reclaimed Styrofoam ball.

For the the first 3 layers of his wings, I used light-weight 
recycled chip board, cut in shapes suggesting feathers.
After adhering each piece to his body with hot glue, 
they were painted with a coat of white gesso.

His beak is also chip board and masking tape. 
The eyes are 10mm black glass beads, resting in paper clay sockets. 

Shaping galvanized wire into individual "feathers"... a second layer was added and then covered with hand towel papers and watered down wood glue. 
After completely drying, they were painted with white gesso.

The tail feathers are created using the same materials as the wings.

This third and final layer of "feathers" was made by wrapping 
Osnaburg fabric around some wire and adhering it with
watered down wood glue. Small, hand-torn pieces of fabric
were also added to the upper part of the wings using the wood glue. 
These additional feathers will be painted with white gesso.

The wire feet were wrapped in masking tape and then covered
with small strips of fabric dipped in wood glue.  
The talons are sculpted using paper clay.

What's next? 
The head, back and belly will be covered with several layers 
of torn paper hand towels, soaked in paper maché paste.
When dry... I will apply heavy modeling paste to mimic more feathers
and add texture and some further detail. 

Thanks for stopping by... stay well, be blessed! Daryle

Monday, March 23, 2020

Ravens... Ravens... Everywhere!

Raven #3 begins to emerge; with the help of some newspaper...
chip-board... burlap... and a little a lot of masking tape!

Just messing around with iPiccy... love their website!

More iPiccy... Just can't get enough of it!

Be blessed... stay well... Daryle

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Elijah's Raven... Update

Well... these are challenging days, to say the least!
The RRCA is deemed a non-essential business at this time
and so the gallery is closed indefinitely.
Fortuitously... Elijah's Raven has found its forever home
on the opening day of the show
via the virtual gallery tour that was offered.

In many ways, these are unprecedented days in which we live...
Stay well, take care of each other and walk by faith, not by sight.

Thursday, March 5, 2020

Elijah's Raven... Ready, Set, Go!

Raven is ready... for the up-coming Associate Artists Show
at RRCA, in Millville. The show opens on March 20th!

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Elijah's Raven...

Elijah's Raven... newspaper, brown grocery bags, foam-board,
wire, chip-board and masking tape... Lots of masking tape! 

Raven will carry a vintage photo, tucked in a pocket watch case,
for safe-keeping... of his travel companion.
(1. Kings 17:1-6)

Heavy modeling (molding) paste applied with a palette knife
 and some paper maché added loads of texture.

Katie wishes he'd remain "albino"... It's not going to happen! (wink)

Monday, February 17, 2020

Raven Finds a New Home!

"Raven" has found a new home... and what a story it is!

On Saturday, Katie and I dropped him off at the gallery for a show that opens next Friday. Then we stopped for a late lunch/"Valentine's Day" celebration.
Well, before we made it back home I had a FB post from Riverfront Renaissance Center for the Arts with his photo... stating that he'd sold... before they could even put him out on the gallery floor for the show. Crazy-Wonderful!

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Raven... it is!

More chip board, black annealed wire and Osnaburg fabric!

The "raven" in him seems to be emerging!
Soft annealed wire "feathers" under beak and on each wing
help to better define this guy!

Gesso covers a multitude of mishaps!

Thank you for stopping by... Daryle