Monday, May 30, 2011

"Miss Moses"

"Miss Moses"... as published in the spring 2011 issue of PRIMS!
This cage doll (santos) is my tribute to Harriet Tubman 
and the Underground Railroad Movement.
 So many details: vintage shoe button eyes, articulated arms, 
vintage lace and button trim, and a warm, "crackle" finish...
Her skirt is an inverted metal container that holds 
an 1894 copy of "Uncle Tom's Cabin"  published in Philadelphia,  
a vintage quilt square (its story is told in the PRIMS article),
and some rusty, vintage keys.
This OOAK cage doll stands 21 inches tall, 
her wings are just under 17 inches wide, from tip-to-tip.
Her head is sculpted with paper clay over a wooden ball.
Her bodice is hand-painted canvas duck cloth.
Her lower arms and hands (with opposable thumbs) are wood. 
Her upper arms are articulated and made with duck cloth.
The metal cage skirt is removable from the lower wooden base;
allowing you to easily remove the book and vintage quilt square.

Friday, May 27, 2011

"Where Art Thou... Blog Followers?"

Like so many other "bloggers" out there... 
my list of "followers" has "disappeared" from view!
(along with the posting of your "recent comments")
Sigh... there is comfort in knowing; 
many of you.. my "favorites" out there 
are experiencing the same issue
on your blog as well.

Friday's Favorites!

If you love teddy bears and whimsical dolls (who doesn't?)... then you MUST stop by and visit Paola Zakima!  From her free tutorials to her weekly posts... she provides a feast for the eyes and your creative spirit.  Her bears, dolls, and paintings will inspire you.  I purchased one of Paola's bear patterns two years ago, making a "first teddy bear" for our grandson.
You will find her at:

Enjoy this Memorial Day Weekend... and remember: "We will not forget..."

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New Doll Series: "Book Faeries!"

I have been "puttering" with a new doll series
incorporating some old, vintage books...
along with paper clay, textiles, wood and other "finds"
The result: "book faeries"
Whimsical "odd-dolls" that are bit off the plumb line!
Though they are still WORKS IN PROGRESS...
Each one is already taking on its own personality!

Thank you for taking a look!  
Mid-week well wishes... Daryle

Friday, May 20, 2011

A Bit of a Slump!

Like these little guys who are sitting on the shelf...
I'd say I've been in a bit of a slump; distracted.
In these moments I am reminded that, 
much like them... 
I too am a work-in-progress!  Daryle

Friday, May 13, 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow?

It is a bit overcast this morning, here in South Jersey...
a perfect morning for taking a few pictures
and sharing with you, part of our little corner of the world!
Here' what's in bloom:
Two varieties of Columbine...

Coral Bells with some decorative grasses and creeping Phlox...
 and a second year soft peach bush variety Rose (18 inches tall)

Johnny Jump-Ups and my all time favorite:

Bearded Iris... and Spider Wort

Another favorite; Hen and Chicks...
Geranium (untouched color!)

And I had to snap a few pics of our
next-door neighbor Annie's Roses and Bleeding Heart!

Enjoy! Daryle and Katie

Friday's Favorite!

One of my personal favorite blogs to visit is "Small Stories Studio"... 
hosted by the very talented Cheryl Kuhn!  
Katie and I are fortunate enough to own one of her wonderful stories"... 
a delightful box with a vintage photo of a boy... and his dreams!

Cheryl creates moments in time that capture the joy found in traveling on life's journey!
 Please stop by and visit her at: Small Stories Studio
Cheers! Daryle