Friday, May 13, 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow?

It is a bit overcast this morning, here in South Jersey...
a perfect morning for taking a few pictures
and sharing with you, part of our little corner of the world!
Here' what's in bloom:
Two varieties of Columbine...

Coral Bells with some decorative grasses and creeping Phlox...
 and a second year soft peach bush variety Rose (18 inches tall)

Johnny Jump-Ups and my all time favorite:

Bearded Iris... and Spider Wort

Another favorite; Hen and Chicks...
Geranium (untouched color!)

And I had to snap a few pics of our
next-door neighbor Annie's Roses and Bleeding Heart!

Enjoy! Daryle and Katie


  1. Stunning! You are weeks ahead of us...all I have blooming are dandelions and I must say my crop is exceptional this year!

  2. Bleeding hearts and Columbine are two of my very favorites! Beautiful pics!

  3. bleeding hearts have always been my favorite flower for fairy dolls. The are such lovely romantic flowers