Monday, January 25, 2010

Underground Railroad Cage Doll

I often marvel at what a basecoat of color can do! Here, a bit of Burnt Sienna just breathes life and adds some personality to her face. (a rather pensive stare!)

I attached the neck and wood head to a duck cloth canvas bodice, that is firmly stuffed and nailed to a piece of wood on the top of the wired skirt.

Some wooden wings with reproduction vintage papers adhered, a bit of vintage lace over the shoulders and a button for a brooch... Yikes...she has no arms! She definitely needs arms! They will have to wait for another day! Enjoy! Daryle

A new cage doll angel has been in the works...since early December! She has a wooden head (seen here) covered with some Gesso and paper-clay details. Her eyes are vintage shoe buttons, set into the paper-clay. The cage is a recycled wire container that I found at a local thrift shop. It is painted black, inverted and attached to a wood base. I found a keyhole that fit perfectly between the wires of the skirt. Several vintage, rusty keys are hung with a piece of coffee stained jute. Here in Salem County, not far from where we live, the Goodwin Sisters House is one of the best documented Underground Railroad "safe-houses" in New Jersey. It was operated by two sisters who were Quaker abolitionists. This cage doll is in honor of them and the dozens of men, women and children they ministered to!