Sunday, August 29, 2010

Flea Market Finds!

After spending a few days in Bethlehem... we worked 
our way to Adamstown, PA and Shupp's Flea Market. 
Located under the canopy of several wooded acres... 
 we always seem to find treasures there. 
  Katie found some vintage stamps and beautiful Victorian 
calling cards that she will use on her cards.  
I found a sweet 4 1/4 inch "frozen charlotte"... 
a rusty little funnel, some crocheted pieces, 
a lovely old glass paperweight,
 a few wooden key-hole dresser drawer cut outs 
and some woven hemming. 

Bethlehem... past and present!

O Little Town of Bethlehem!

We spent three days in beautiful, 
historic Bethlehem, Pennsylvania this past week.
Katie and I have always marveled at the story 
of the Moravians... their faith and fearless spirit.
When we lived in Vermont, every December, 
several families would join us as we each created 
(in the Moravian tradition) our own Putz. 
This was an elaborate "creche scene" that
included numerous figures, houses and embellishments.