Friday, May 25, 2012

The Gift of Healing!

Little did Xoch know... when she mailed me this one-of-kind doll 
that she had just created; that it would become an instrument 
of healing in my life! I am just recovering from brain surgery.
On May 15th my neurosurgeon at the University of Penn Hospital 
"clipped" three aneurysms that were detected by testing 
(MRI and MRA) for something totally unrelated!

Xoch... not knowing about my set-back simply created 
this wonderful doll that I've affectionately named "Raven" 
(because of her raven black hair and dark eyes)... 
and sent her off to me with a note!
Along with God's hand of divine intervention, the prayers of His people, 
and the love and care-giving of my family and medical team... Xoch has 
shared the gift of healing; through her creative touch!  Please visit her and drop her a note of gratitude, at her blog Xochibear's Primitives:

Once again I am reminded that: life is a gift... Daryle