Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Souls Have Facial Features!

A bit of paperclay here, a pinch there, 
and a poke or two with some 
clay tools... and the troupe of 
"Seelen der Freude" have faces!  
I will sand down the eyebrows 
a bit, as they are a tad 
too furrowed and cast too much 
of a shadow! I LOVE their ears!  
Could these dear souls be related 
(even distantly) to the beloved Mr. Magoo?  
Tsk..Tsk!   Daryle

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Washed and Ready Wool!

The sun has been shining and temps 
have been in the upper 70's and lower 80's 
for the past two days... 
I'd call it perfect weather for washing raw wool
and laying it out in the sun to dry!  
That is a lot of folk art doll hair!

Raw Wool

I (Daryle) had forgotten how much work 
it is to take raw lamb's wool from the farm... 
to the ready-to-use stage!  Friends and I 
stopped by a local farm this week 
to purchase some "tropical milkweed" plants, 
for attracting butterflies in our gardens.  
Spotting the farm family's sheep... 
I ended up buying some raw wool as well!

South Jersey Strawberries!

In mid-to-late May... 
it doesn't get any better 
(or sweeter) than this! 

Fresh berries from the Salem Farmer's Market.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Come Visit Us at Cloth & Clay Dolls!

Just for fun... 
I'm working on a new series
that I have titled: "seelen der freude"
which is German for:
"Souls of Joy"
Paperclay over cotton canvas
on a wooden base...
Enjoy!  Daryle

IMAGINE... Queen Anne!

I am asking you to use
your "sanctified imagination"
and picture "Anne Girl"
with a 17th century satin dress
extending over on either side
of her tiny (inconceivable) waistline!

Queen Anne Cage Doll

I am using 10 oz. cotton canvas 
for the body bodice 
and have attach a wooden ball 
to the neck witha bit of wood 
glue and a wooden dowel 
that runs the length of the upper body.

Queen Anne Cage Doll

This Queen Anne 
has been in the works for months... 
waiting for that nudge of inspiration.  
I felt that nudge after visiting The Old Pretenders 
website and blog several weeks ago.  
Please take a moment to stop by and visit them... 
they can be found under our list of "favorites."

Monday, May 3, 2010

Yard Sale & Flea Market Finds!

Frozen Charlottes... seemed to be showing up everywhere this weekend, at both Flea Market and Yard Sale roadside tables!  Two stops... and we have a small "collection!" 
               Enjoy!  Daryle & Katie

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The REAL Deal... Our Community Yard Sale!

The first Saturday in May, the Borough of Woodstown offers treasure seekers the REAL Deal; it is our Community Yard Sale Day!  And there are always "treasures" to be found!  Katie came across a box of old magazines, carefully wrapped editions in old, archival papers.  Inside were some 1923 issues of "The Saturday Evening Post" and six 1965 issues of  "Jours de France" several 1962 issues of "The Illustrated London News" and then the creme de la creme: ten 1918 issues of "La Vie Parisienne"   The box was marked: $5.00... she is still smiling!   

Flea Market Finds

We enjoy going over to Delaware, for a walk around the Farmer's Flea Market in New Castle.  Katie spotted these stamps in a box... that someone else was "rummaging" through!  These lovely, international, canceled stamps were passed right over! Hovering for a moment, we snatched them up...