Saturday, May 1, 2010

The REAL Deal... Our Community Yard Sale!

The first Saturday in May, the Borough of Woodstown offers treasure seekers the REAL Deal; it is our Community Yard Sale Day!  And there are always "treasures" to be found!  Katie came across a box of old magazines, carefully wrapped editions in old, archival papers.  Inside were some 1923 issues of "The Saturday Evening Post" and six 1965 issues of  "Jours de France" several 1962 issues of "The Illustrated London News" and then the creme de la creme: ten 1918 issues of "La Vie Parisienne"   The box was marked: $5.00... she is still smiling!   


  1. You are so lucky. What a catch! Beautiful that they are ...I could never put them down!
    I need to go back to Jersey....on yard sale day!

  2. OMG such a catch. It is hard to find anything that I have seen on your site down here in Texas that is at bargain prices