Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Souls Have Facial Features!

A bit of paperclay here, a pinch there, 
and a poke or two with some 
clay tools... and the troupe of 
"Seelen der Freude" have faces!  
I will sand down the eyebrows 
a bit, as they are a tad 
too furrowed and cast too much 
of a shadow! I LOVE their ears!  
Could these dear souls be related 
(even distantly) to the beloved Mr. Magoo?  
Tsk..Tsk!   Daryle


  1. LOL Mr. Magoo~ Well maybe!

    These are dear dear souls I love them! The attitude on all of them is wonderful!

    Can't wait to see them finished!
    : ) Pattee

  2. They do bear a slight resemblance to Mr. Magoo!

  3. They are wonderful!!! You make me want to try and do something. Laura Q

  4. Well, I guess if they start running into walls or walking off of the table then they might be the long lost kin to Mr. offense to Magoo but your little ones are way more adorable!

  5. The do look like Mr. Magoo..I LOVE Them!!!

    I'm waiting on two ladies to dry at the moment!!!

    Have a great day, Doreen

  6. Daryle, you make me laugh....yes, I'm sure they are Mr. Magoo's cousins or even siblings. Love those little faces, hats and their poses. Can't wait to see them all "Magoo-ed" up!!! (I'd leave the sailor's brows unsanded..what do you think?)

  7. Hi went and got some paper clay and there was a cage there I'm going to try and make a santo with it. You are kind I just sit things .
    Laura Q

  8. just lovle them, they stand there like brothers.