Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Forlorn Faerie!

Well… it's been far too long in the coming…
a new post!

Retirement and moving (albeit only 1/2 mile)
have preoccupied my thoughts, time and energy
these past eight months!

Between packing boxes, unpacking boxes…
Downsizing (from a four bedroom house)
to a two bedroom apartment…
Well, Katie and I find ourselves in a good place!
In a word: Blessed!

Forlorn Faerie will be part of a special show:
"Midsummer Night's Dream"
opening this coming Friday, August 17th
at the Riverfront Renaissance Center for Art! 
(He will join "Butterfly Boy"…) 

Forlorn is a (vintage) photo transfer
on Osnaburg fabric, embellished with
theatre gauze, muslin, vintage buttons
and a skeleton key.

You would think he could have smiled for the camera!