Friday, May 27, 2011

"Where Art Thou... Blog Followers?"

Like so many other "bloggers" out there... 
my list of "followers" has "disappeared" from view!
(along with the posting of your "recent comments")
Sigh... there is comfort in knowing; 
many of you.. my "favorites" out there 
are experiencing the same issue
on your blog as well.


  1. Daryle,
    I have lost mine too but I still received your post. Hopefully this will all straighten out.

  2. I'm still here and just so you know I left tons of really witty and relevant comments and constructive criticisms and the winning lottery numbers......and soon I will need another opinion on big little ladies hair/head!

  3. I'm getting so frustrated trying to leave comments. I compose a delightful inspiring comment and can't get it delivered. I'm asked to select a profile and when I select google and fill out the required information I become anonymous and then am asked to repeat the process again and again. I've found a way around the problem. I just select anonymous before google has the chance to select it for me, and I'm in the door. Have a great weekend.

  4. I hope this comments works.
    I don't like it whaen I cannot see my followers either.
    Papillon Bleu