Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New Doll Series: "Book Faeries!"

I have been "puttering" with a new doll series
incorporating some old, vintage books...
along with paper clay, textiles, wood and other "finds"
The result: "book faeries"
Whimsical "odd-dolls" that are bit off the plumb line!
Though they are still WORKS IN PROGRESS...
Each one is already taking on its own personality!

Thank you for taking a look!  
Mid-week well wishes... Daryle


  1. Very unique and fun. But the one book is likely to scare some away- common school arithmetic- yikes! Up around here we use what's called Chicago math and that's pretty scary for those of us who are somewhere between schoolhouse math and Chicago math! Too Funny!

  2. Charming! You are such an inspiration. Love checking in to see where your imagination has taken you!

  3. I hate to say I told ya so, but... :~)

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  5. Nice idea Daryle :) love it
    (this was the right account ;))

  6. Daryle and Katie...
    They are gorgeous..such an eclectic mix of materials...
    Looking forward to seeing them completed.

    Have a wonderful holiday weekend!