Monday, May 30, 2011

"Miss Moses"

"Miss Moses"... as published in the spring 2011 issue of PRIMS!
This cage doll (santos) is my tribute to Harriet Tubman 
and the Underground Railroad Movement.
 So many details: vintage shoe button eyes, articulated arms, 
vintage lace and button trim, and a warm, "crackle" finish...
Her skirt is an inverted metal container that holds 
an 1894 copy of "Uncle Tom's Cabin"  published in Philadelphia,  
a vintage quilt square (its story is told in the PRIMS article),
and some rusty, vintage keys.
This OOAK cage doll stands 21 inches tall, 
her wings are just under 17 inches wide, from tip-to-tip.
Her head is sculpted with paper clay over a wooden ball.
Her bodice is hand-painted canvas duck cloth.
Her lower arms and hands (with opposable thumbs) are wood. 
Her upper arms are articulated and made with duck cloth.
The metal cage skirt is removable from the lower wooden base;
allowing you to easily remove the book and vintage quilt square.


  1. ohh, she's beautiful!! I know you'll sell her quick! XO Patti

  2. ~Daryle~
    What a beautiful tribute to an amazing women !~ The theatre I used to be master scenic for, Theatre lV, does tour shows, that go all over the U.S. & performs for schools.They are the largest children's theatre tour company in the U.S.~They send out a vans filled w/ sets(portable),props, costumes & of course the talented young actors.These young people travel all across our country bringing theatre to our young people thru-out the school year.~~~~Anyway, as master scenic, my job was not only see to the constant house productions of the 2 theatres here in Richmond.But, to prepare the sets for the 24+ tour shows that would start their tour in Sept.~One of our shows was "Harriet Tubman"~& my very favorite show !~I loved it so much.~I would be painting in my shop & overhear the actors rehearsing and without fail, I'd tear-up.~And, setting & watching the show gave me chills.~AND, when you talk to kids that have grown-up, they always remember the "Harriet Tubman", show.~ :)