Friday, August 5, 2011

A "Rule" to Live By!

We have been collecting (Oh, tell me it's not "hoarding")
these vintage wooden rules (or, if you insist: rulers) for years.
A hammer and wood chisel easily pops them apart...
but boy-oh-boy does it do a number on the chisel tip!
The vintage lens that I found along the way... just "fits!"

His hat is heavy manila card stock that I photocopied 
images onto, from a vintage German children's book
of monochrome illustrations and songs.
Then I (surprise factor) coffee-stained it!
I love his red wings...

I'm thinking of incorporating some coffee-stained and tattered 
cotton canvas fabric strips along the front panels of the door,
some vintage slouch stockings... and I have to begin thinking
about finishing his head!
Wishing you a restful weekend... Daryle


  1. Daryle your birdhouse shrine doll is a delight to behold. I love all the different details you've added to the birdhouse. I look forward to seeing the slouch stockings!

  2. Daryle your birdhouse shrine doll is getting more interesting all of the time. I love his red wings and paper hat.

  3. Beautiful work, Daryle. Can't wait to see it all finished.