Saturday, August 20, 2011

Through My Lens...

I have complied a few pics of my Birdhouse Shrine Doll... still a W.I.P.
His paper hat (with metal grommets on each side) is full of illustrations 
and music from a vintage German children's book.
The gold heart hangs in one of the open window panes, 
near a reproduction metal keyhole on the door. 

I really love the sentiment "forget me not" 
and often incorporate it in my assemblages and dolls.
It is on coffee-stained paper, enclosed by a metal frame.
The small, gold heart that hangs in the window frame is paper clay.

Inside the door are my quail eggs... 
I found some vintage doll stockings that fit perfectly 
on his skinny, painted legs!
The vintage shoes were one of those "finds"... though I had to 
add some shoe buttons that had been lost over the years.

The birdhouse shrine is finished... now, to work on that head of his!

Excuse the "spill-over" on the photos but I hated to crop or downsize them...
Wishing you wellness, in the week ahead! Daryle


  1. This is so wonderful, Daryle! How tall is this piece? It looks like real baby shoes so I'm guessing his quite tall. I just love how I find something new and wonderful with every view! So much to explore with this piece.

  2. I agree with Kitty...Where in the world is Waldo...such a feast for the eyes. I admire all of your creations. You really have the gift of stopping when perfect wonderfulness is achieved! Recently I was at a birthday celebration and included in one of the gifts was a packet of Forget me not seeds...I love that sentiment, too...

  3. Isn't it funny how I just posted my own blog comment that you haven't posted your work in a while, and you'd already posted this.

    I. Love. This. God is in the Details... :~)

  4. What a treasure! This is sooooo lovely:)

  5. This piece is coming together beautifully. I love the details, the tiny gold heart, the baggy stockings and the vintage shoes, the key hole and the quail eggs. What a wonderful work of art.

  6. I absolutely love this Daryle!
    So, so, so SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO creative!
    This is an extraordinary combination.I love every single little detail.