Thursday, September 1, 2011

Upon Returning to Woodstown...

We were thankful, upon returning to our home in Woodstown
late Tuesday evening... to find only some large limbs down in
the backyard and water in the basement.
We weathered out the hurricane, up in Vermont with Emily & Chad.
Much of Vermont was devastated by the storm...
with entire towns cut off by mud slides and/or washed out roads.
Our family and friends were spared.  We hunkered down in our kid's
new home (circa 1860) as the storm came and went; 
leaving so much destruction behind its path.
Parts of South Jersey were also hit really hard; as was North Jersey.
It took us hours just to get to where our oldest daughter, hubby, 
and grandson live... due to neighboring towns that
had flood waters and are dealing with washed out highways.
Some of you were praying for us... thank you for that!
With heartfelt gratitude... Daryle & Katie


  1. Glad you all are fine Daryle. I've been thinking about you and Katie and your daughter up in Vermont. I have friends in Lumberton NJ and another in Saddle River. I grew up in Ho-Ho-Kus so I'm quite fond of the garden state! Such tragic photos I've been seen out of NJ and Vermont (especially the lose of some wonderful covered bridges!) so sad.