Friday, September 2, 2011

On the Brighter Side...

We hunkered down in Vermont, 
in Chad & Emily's first home 
as Irene came through... the pics tell all...
Our whole family was there... Chad and Em had us, 
as well as Naomi, Steve, and little Ryan 
for their first big sleep-over! 
The house was full... our hearts were even fuller! 
Yes, we know we are blessed...


  1. What an absolutely beautiful place.

  2. Hello Daryle and Katie,
    I don't know whether to laugh or cry...but I am so thankful your home was spared from the devastation that so many in New Jersey and also in Vermont had to go through with Hurricane Irene. My brother is near Fredericksburg, VA and he experienced trees down and water in the basement too...which he is used to as that happens with the storms that come through when tornadoes have touched the fringe of their city.
    Since Borders closed, I don't have a store to purchase PRIMS or Art Doll Quarterly...I am kind of bummed out about that. I guess I'll have to take out subscriptions for both.
    Congratulations for making it into Art Doll Quarterly...I know they love your creations!
    Be Blessed~
    Teresa in California