Monday, September 12, 2011

Birdhouse Shrine: "A Window of the Soul"

Fini...  with a little help (actually a lot!) using 
 DecoArt One Step Crackle Medium... 
I decided to use a blending of raw sienna and burnt umber
for my "fill-in" color with the cracks; as I wanted a richer contrast
against the light, porcelain-like- finish of the skin tones.
Don't you just love paper hats?  
For me... they rekindle warm memories of my grandma, 
who lived with us. Occasionally, she would make me a paper hat,
fold after fold, using a sheet from the Milwaukee Journal.
Remember WHAT he started out as?
(sometimes it's nice to go back to where it all began, isn't it?)

Yup... that funky two-tone wooden birdhouse on stilts!

He stands about 23 inches tall from the top of his paper hat
to the soles on his shoes...
I'm hoping to enter him in a juried exhibition this October
at the Riverfront Renaissance Center Gallery in Millville, NJ.
Happy thoughts... Daryle


  1. Wow! He really changed that house! Great job. :-)

  2. Incredible. He reminds me of the palace guards in Enland...

    Good luck with the exhibition--I hope everyone who sees it has enough time to really look, to really see all the wonder you've put into this piece. It is so special.

  3. Absolutely sensational!
    Your crackle finishes always look so amazing.
    The Shrine Doll looks like it is ready to protect the birds. All of the design elements are incredible with the key hole and key to the door, and the shoes (very charming). What did you add for decoration on the roof? All of the colors blend in so well together.
    I still haven't been to see if I can find a copy of Art Doll Quarterly at Michael's arts and crafts.
    Have a relaxing weekend.
    Teresa in California

  4. I've never seen any thing like this before, what an amazing work of art! The crackling really adds to the piece.

  5. Daryle congrats on the Exhibition, I just love this guy, everything about him is extraordinary all the way down to the perfect crackling, you are one of the most creative artist I know. Thanks for all the oooooooo's and aaaahhhh.