Saturday, September 10, 2011

Craftsman Style Doll... (definitely a W.I.P.)

I just returned from a quick trip over the river
(o.k. "and through the woods...") to Delaware, 
making a stop at the Farmer's Flea Market in New Castle.
I came across this craftsman style architectural piece...
It just spoke to me... and for $3.00 with a bit of bargaining; 
came home with me! The seller said it is an old mantle clock case. 
It only stands 9 inches high... and is heavy for its size (2+ lbs. I'm sure)
After a damp cloth cleaning (I am thinking that it is walnut)... 
it certainly has the makings for a whimsical doll!
I cannot find a single nail in it; the four square columns
 are pegged on the bottom of the platform.
And don't you just love the vintage brass tag that I found...
It has "snook 260" stamped on it; in red.
Happy hunting... Daryle


  1. Holy find the coolest things.

  2. This is a great piece! - J. Ann