Monday, October 10, 2011

Santos Angel... Has a Cage!

"floundering"...  a verb: to struggle, to make mistakes.
Goodness, that says it all!  I feel as though I've been
floundering in the aftermath, the past few weeks.
Perhaps "wallowing" would be an even better word choice!
Having "wallowed" long enough... I started working on the cage
for a new Santos Angel!
 I used some poplar furring strips, over-laying them with 
decorative pine moulding that I attached to a basswood base. 
Her tiny 4-3/4" waist base is pine. Some drywall screws and good 
ol' Elmer's wood glue seems to be holding it all together! This Santos 
will be quite large; the cage is 19 inches high. I'm thinking that will 
make the doll close to 36 inches tall.  Happy Trails!  Daryle


  1. Very nice construction, Daryle. I like the 'turned' pine moulding, as it adds 'character' to the piece. You are always so creative.
    Have a great time creating!
    Teresa in California and in Cloth and Clay

  2. I've been studying folkart lately, and Santos figures in particular...I'd like to make one, but not til this winter when things slow down a little.

    Interesting combination of shape and texture...and the contrast between the curves in the trim pattern vs the angularity of the cage itself. Pretty cool.
    Looking forward to the progression of this project!