Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Santos Cage... Body Beginnings!

Focus... "to concentrate attention or energy"
This Santos has helped me to once again "focus"
and move forward!
I have added a "finial" of sorts... 
to the inside of the cage for interest.  
Perhaps something will eventually dangle from it?
I added a halved styrofoam ball, to provide some shape
for the doll's hips... soon to be covered with a fabric armature.
I do so much better "visualizing" with a paper representation...
I like the proportions.  Her long waist will drop when I actually 
"tuck" the fabric and attach it to the wooden upper base.  


  1. Oh Daryle, she is going to be fabulous, I just know it! I've always wanted to make a Santos angel! Thanks for sharing your progress. I'm hoping it will ease my intimidation and inspire me to give it a try some day.

  2. When you allow for the "drop", these proportions will be perfect. Thanks for letting us watch the project unfold.

  3. This is gonna be amazing! Can't wait to see her finished.... have lots o' fun :D