Sunday, October 23, 2011

Santos Angel

With this Santos... I have decided to sculpt clay of 
over cloth. The cloth I have chosen happens to be one of my
 favorite fabrics. It is a rugged 10 oz. duck cloth cotton canvas, 
that is unbleached. Duck cloth and I have a "long history" of 
working together... going all the way back to our earliest days 
up in Vermont. Kingdom Krafts... which was the name of our 
little registered cottage industry became associated by name 
with "canvas folk art." When folks heard "canvas folk art"... 
they often thought of Kingdom Krafts.
Well... having said that; that was then and this is now!  
I just plain enjoy working with a sturdy duck cloth!
The fabric is nailed with 9/16 tacks to the wooden cage frame,
also a squirt of Elmer's wood glue here and there for strength.
I'm hoping to introduce some old rusty screening by fabricating a 
metal corset over and/or into the paper maché and paper clay.
Happy Sunday evening... Daryle

1 comment:

  1. Nice, very nice Daryle,
    The body for your Santos Cage Doll is great!
    Hope you and Katie are doing well after the snow storm. Heard that New Jersey was hit hard.
    Just passing through...
    Have a blessed week~
    Teresa in California and Cloth and Clay