Friday, July 13, 2012

The Winds of Change... a Clay Corset!

She has taken on a life of her own...
this "Keeper of the Lost Dolls!"
The paper napkin corset is out... a paper clay corset is in
(or should I say "on!)
 Once the paper clay has dried, I will look for some
vintage lace or netting in my stash and then stuff it...
Well, place it... strategically to provide her 
with a bit of proper, 18th century lady-like modesty! (wink!)
 Katie helped me use her paper embossing tool and I cut
some scrapbooking papers and ran them through the embosser;
giving the paper both texture and a bit of curl (after dampening it)!


  1. The corset is a perfect touch for her. She is amazing down to every bit of detail.

  2. What a joy to find your wonderful post on this very wet English morning... It has brightened it up no end.. Many thanks ~ Julie.

    PS. I hope that your keeping well.. x

  3. Looking Good! She's coming together nicely. :)

  4. She seems pretty happy with it. :~)

  5. I love the clay corset!! At first I thought it was a cotton doily then I read on in your post to find out that it is clay!!!!Nice job and I also like the embossed papers it gives her a very old shabby sheek look...Nice TEAM work!!!

  6. I love her in all her glorious detail!

    old soul art

  7. This cage doll is stunning. Absolutely gorgeous in all her beautifully amazing details. There is just something so special about those 18th Century traditional dolls, especially when YOU make them look so marvelous!!!
    Thank you for always sharing your talent for all of us to see.
    hugs to you and Katie :)
    Teresa in California