Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Our Story

Many, many years ago (actually, the year was 1978) in a place that now seems far, far away (up in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom)... two best friends began a wonder-filled journey together! Little did we know that it would prove to be a pilgrimage, of sorts, into the incredible world of folk art! Primitive dolls, mohair teddy bears, whimsical Saint Nick’s, and angels... lots and lots of angels! Here we are, thirty-something years later... and the journey is still new, exciting (at times uncertain) and yet, so very satisfying.

Welcome to Woodstown Whimsies! In the weeks and months ahead, we hope to share with you–– our passion for primitive folk art and sundry handmade work.


  1. So romantic that you have been together for so long..
    Now I have been following your blog for a while now. But with you starting this change of winning one of your beautifull dolls, and me wanting to win one sooo much, have made me read almost every post you got *lol*..
    It is really funny.. And I am not done yet ;-)
    Have a nice weekend..

  2. I just love them Daryle an Katie, you too are so talented it must run in the family. The folk art that you have made by hand here are awesome! The dolls all they seem to have own personality for each piece that is made which is very neat indeed. The reviews that I received from my ART ROCKS page posting your BLOG were very good must tell you both. Keep up the awesome folk Art. Peace and love from over the hills and far away.