Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Simplicity in Detail

We found this wonderful old pocket watch at the New Castle Farmers Market in Delaware, just over the river from us. Its simple form adds the perfect detail to the wooden cage skirt on the art doll.

Like so many artisans–– we love “the hunt” as much as the bargaining back and forth over the price! We picked up several time pieces that day–– carefully setting them aside in our stash of treasures, knowing that one day each would find the perfect home.

The coffee stained hang tag expresses a familiar and beloved sentiment: “Forget Me Not...” Over the years, we have become “coffee stain” addicts! We love the warm, worn appearance that lends itself to our work. The theatre gauze that is draped around the back of the cage is coffee stained too... of course! Daryle & Katie

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