Saturday, December 19, 2009

Good Saint Nick!

I finished Saint Nick just in time for our open house at the parsonage last evening. He stands about 22 inches tall, finding his home on our fireplace mantle among the greens and pine cones. His waist coat jacket is wool, his leggings cotton flannel and his head is paperclay. A local lamb provided his locks! A generous sprinkle of German glass glitter and he’s ready for the journey on Christmas Eve! His bag of wood wool and sticks says: “Naughty boys & girls gets sticks and coal!” On a personal note: I have learned this the hard way! The hang tag on his waist coat reads: “Riding the pale moon, in the night sky... Good Saint Nick with a twinkle in his eye.” Daryle

1 comment:

  1. This santa is really fine, nice job...
    Now, there is not many weeks to our next christmas.. so maybe I should get started on the santas allready :-)
    And this santa is good inspiration.. thanks.