Saturday, November 7, 2009

Folk Art Doll

This second doll, is designed with a wooden head and will be considered for Art Doll Quarterly's Wood Doll Artist's Challenge. She has a fine crackle finish on her head, arms, and hands (which have individual fingers and opposable thumbs). I was pleased with the soft, warm finish that the antiquing process achieved.

The wooden wings were originally stenciled with a red and black checkerboard pattern. Not particularly pleased with my outcome, I sanded down most of the pattern and dry brushed over it. The wings still looked too “clean” and in a moment, without giving it a second thought; I snapped the wings in two! I then proceeded to cut out two makeshift wooden “band-aids” and carelessly nailed them in place. A bit more sanding, a splash of white paint and... Voila! Mended, well-worn wings!

Well Wishes... Daryle & Katie

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  1. This is so beautiful!!! You did an amazing job!!!