Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Congrats... to our 3rd Week in Advent Winners!

Julie, who lives and teaches in Chiang Rai Thailand
will be giving "Rafael" a new home this Christmas!
Thank you Julie... 
for sharing such an insightful reminder
of "the reason" with us!
Jody, from Tumbleweed Trails
will receive four of Katie's handmade cards!
Jody... your post inspires and affirms.

Next Wednesday evening, December 22nd
we will choose the fourth and final recipients
of a "Souls of Joy" doll and four handmade cards. 
Share with us: "The Reason for the Season!"
Daryle & Katie 


  1. Hi Darlye & Katie, hope I'm posting in the right area. :) "The Reason for the Season" is to keep it very simple. After an extremely difficult year, I am now enjoying quiet time and reflection. I've lost many loved ones in the last 2 years. But as a strong Christian I have every reason to give thanks and be grateful for how well I am doing and how I guide my life. I feel like a special messenger as I play music at the nursing homes this holiday season, handing out bead necklaces to all the residents. It helps me forget about myself... So I'm taking time -
    Sincerely yours,
    LoRi Grassette
    p.s. I love your blog & photo of you two!

  2. I am not a Christian - as past posts will reveal, however this season means for me above all tolerence for other viewpoints and beliefs and the unending joy in being alive that links us all in one united humankind. We live to make this world a better place for all men, women and children.
    kind regards and a very blessed Christamas
    from denise