Monday, October 25, 2010

Ahhh... Four Days in Vermont!

Shelburne Farms... a perfect day, 
standing beneath the Coach Barn Cupola!

Fall Foliage... some of the sugar maples waited for us!

Snow on the Adirondacks... looking over Lake Champlain!

Our precious grandson... with boundless energy; 
who loves to turn anything that he can get his hands on!
(Yup! Even a vintage water hydrant in the old coach barn) 


  1. Your grandson is a cutie!
    Love the other photos too!
    Teresa in Cloth and Clay
    Cheers to both of you!

  2. Well wave or send a big shout over here to Plattsburgh N.Y. I am right on the other side of the lake...howdy!
    I used to love going to Shelburne Museum and they have a haunted house there. I believe it was a place they moved over to the property to save and many people have seen a person in there when no one is around!!!
    Sadly for some reason I cannot see the photo with your grandson but I am sure he must be a cutie!
    Have fun and take care guys....
    Tina xo