Friday, October 1, 2010

"Sufficient Phaeton" Has a Face!

Ugh! We are just coming out of a twelve hour 
power outage here in South Jersey... 
we had gale force winds 
and lots and lots of rain overnight.  
But all is well!  Even as I type, the sun is out 
and the sky is bright azure blue.  
"Sufficient Phaeton" finally has a face... 
I was able to finish adding ears 
and paperclay eyelids last night.
Yup... this little guy will eventually 
be wearing an earring too 
(a bent paperclip will have to suffice for now).  


  1. Oh my, I so enjoy watching the step by step progress of your magical creations. I think this guy is going to be my all-time fav, I am in love with him already!!

  2. Yes, me too, thanks for the step by step pictures.. It is funny to see how other dollmakers work.

  3. But what a blessing the rain will be! It rained here to...a tiny Central Calif.
    I do love this new doll you are creating!
    Teresa in California