Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"Phaeton #2"... a Personality Emerges!

A personality is emerging, as I add a bit of paperclay here 
and brush a little wash of color on there. 
I love his "bookish" and "boyish" look!
(it must be the vintage eye glasses)
His little boat sits on a wooden cube
that I have stenciled in checkerboard.
The cube sits on wooden legs
that are dry brushed in sage green,
dark cream and deep burgundy.
His body needs to be fully stuffed, 
arms and hands need to be sculpted...  
and an anchor will hang somewhere!
Enjoy the journey with me!  Daryle


  1. Oh I just love him so far and yes he definitely looks like an "egghead", lol. But he is adorable and I would love to know just where he has been and where is he going....
    Tina xo

  2. HI Daryle and Katie,
    I found your blog!
    It is funny you found my Frida doll..skulls are way out of the box for me and at Christmas never!

    But I belong to ADO and they had a challenge for Christmas nightmare. I happened to make this little doll with dark skin and everyone said it was that is what she wanted to know how those dolls are! Anyway I went with her wishes and finished her with the Frida Skulls and entered her into the once a year challenge I am obligated to be in..and there is her story.

    You might enjoy my husbands music.
    Please come say hi on my blog.

    By the way we are friends with David husband was on the same label.

    Great to meet you!

  3. So totaly sweet. I love him. I wish I could join him in his boat for a ride.