Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"Sufficient Phaeton" is Finished!

Looking back over the past few weeks... 
I marvel at the inspiration that
an old vintage planer 
and a long forgotten poem
can muster up!


  1. Oh Daryle he is too precious and so noble looking in his sweet primitive way! I can see the love that was poured into him it just radiates out from his being. Wonderful work Daryle!

  2. Oh my gosh, you have created one of the most wonderful pieces I have ever seen!! I am so in love with him, he truly is a work of art. Thank you for sharing him with us all, he is truly special.

  3. OK I know I just left a comment but when I was admiring your doll again, Love the earring you are very good at making your art represent what you set out to do... meaning I could look at him and get the feel of the poem I hope this all makes sense and you don't think I've gone crazy- anyway wonderful wonderful wonderful!!!!
    Heather H