Friday, November 19, 2010

le gardien de memoire... that is to say: "The Memory Keeper"

I will cover the styrofoam ball with paper clay... I'm not planning on inserting eyes, but rather, painting them on the face.  The temporary "halo" is from a dismantled solar walkway light!  Tsk! Tsk!
The arms of my "keeper" are once again, wooden craft finials (for which I have this weird affinity it seems).  I base-coated the old black lacquered finish with Krylon outdoor/indoor primer... it works like a dream!  The game plan is to cover the entire box-body with vintage and scrap-booking papers.  I have three metal book plates (one for each drawer) that I will eventually add and then insert labels in.
Ahhh... the wings?  I'm trusting that at just the right moment; inspiration will come knocking at my door and I will know how to finish them (perhaps a bit of modeling paste to add some interesting texture?)  The wings are cut from 1/8 inch craft plywood and I have attached them to the box-body with small metal hinges and screws... for a bit of whimsical movement!