Monday, November 15, 2010

The Long Journey Home...

There are three parts to this assemblage...
and correspondingly; three parts to the journey!
• there is the doll...
• there is the boat ("phaeton" on wheels)...
• there is the mast with the bluebird in tow...

My father-in-law would often remind me:
"The journey is the best part of a trip!"

He was absolutely right!


  1. Daryle, What size is this piece? It looks fairly large judging by the bricks. Your sculptures have such presence.

  2. Oh there he is, just wonderful, absolutely wonderful.

  3. He is just adorable! There is something so touching about this little man.

  4. It is incredible that everything came together perfectly for this amazing doll you created.
    It makes me want to keep my eyes open at thrift stores and collectible places for 'treasures' to incorporate into doll assemblages.
    Thank you for your inspiration.
    Teresa S. with Cloth and Clay