Wednesday, November 3, 2010

"Phaeton #2"... Is the Whole Greater Than the Sum of the Parts?

All of the "parts" seem to be falling in place,
for "Phaeton #2"
His boat is finished...
I made a paper clay black crow 
sitting on a perch, to hang from the mast.
He still needs a coat of gesso and some paint
on his head and hands...
and then I will add a crackle finish.
His arms and wings need to be wired on,
a few vintage buttons and trims
and he will be ready for that "Long Journey Home!"


  1. I cannot wait to see him with his finishing touches. He is going to be amazing!!

  2. He is a darling,congrats on your cover of Art Doll Quarterly!phylliso

  3. Love the face and the huge glasses. Interestingly, I just had a similar cart done for my next work, the difference being it's entirely made of paper.

  4. Hello Daryle. He is fantastic!!!! Your work always amazes me. Each creation has such character and feeling.


  5. I just LOVE him.. he is so qute :-)
    And I too saw your work in Art Doo Quarterly.. of course you deserve it..

  6. So glad I found your blog I just got my copy of prim and was delighted to see your gorgeous sentinel on the cover I just love your work!