Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Sneak Peek... The Journey's End!

What an adventure this journey has been...
working on "Phaeton #2"
I finished him this evening  and hope to post 
a few more pictures in the next day or two!
More about the journey... later!
Blessings... Daryle


  1. And he has a birdie! I love the way you did his hair. He looks like someone we would all like to know!

  2. Daryle, these as are all of your works of art are fantabulouseautiful! You are some kind of genius! I saw your recent art in ADQ and me and my husband were just blown away! There are no words to describe that is why I made my own up!

  3. I want one !!!
    How come you have made a creation that looks just like my grandpop? Even to the wings, as alas he passed on thirty years or more. Well I guess I will just have to save my pennies and see if I can afford grandpop!
    Brittany faeries

  4. You are such an amazing artist and such an inspiration! He is very special just like his creator!