Friday, November 19, 2010

A New Art Doll: "The Memory Keeper"

I came across this 14 inch high three drawer black lacquered jewelry box at the Glassboro Goodwill Store... it was marked $7.00.  
I knew in a moment that those three drawers were destined to hold keepsakes–– guarded by the Memory Keeper.
I envision an art doll that will hold treasured keepsakes, from the past.  For me, the inspiration came in part from a children’s bereavement workshop that I attended six years ago.  The instructor, Virginia Frey, introduced us to the concept of creating a “memory box.”  
A simple box filled with small objects that carry special significance and meaning!  Over the next several weeks... I will post photos of this work in progress!   Blessings... Daryle  

1 comment:

  1. That little cabinet definitely gets the mind working overtime on ideas Daryle and Katie. I can see a few right now but I am anxious to see how you interpret your vision!
    Tina xo