Sunday, November 28, 2010

Jesus IS the Reason for the Season... we are excited about our Weekly Give-Away!

We are so blessed... as we enter this Advent Season!
Our way of sharing that JOY is to give away each week, 
over the next four weeks... one of the "Souls of Joy" art 
dolls that I made this past summer... AND one set of four
 handmade cards that Katie has designed.

Here's how it will work: During each of the four weeks 
in Advent, between now and Christmas on Wednesday
 evening (12/1, 12/8, 12/15, 12/22) Katie and I will 
choose the TWO posts that we feel best express 
the "Reason for the Season!"
Each week, one post will be selected to receive a 
"Soul of Joy" doll, and one post will be selected  
to receive a set of four handmade cards.**
(**the cards will be hand selected by Katie, this photo
 only represents the cards that may be selected
This coming Wednesday evening, December 1st"...
"Huppert" will find a new home! 
As will a selection of four cards.**
Have fun... and drop us a note, that inspires us all 
and touches at the very heart of Christmas!
Our Warmest Wishes... Daryle and Katie
P.S. Huppert's name means: "bright spirit"... 
(not "light" spirit) Tsk! Tsk!


  1. Christmas for my family is, to share the wonderful blessings that Christ and his birth gives my family on a daily basis. We are always teaching each other how to listen to Christ's powerful voice no matter if we are successful or not he loves us and wants us to bloom in His love.

  2. I have a song "Called "It's Christmas" on my blog and youtube that talks about the reason for season that I wrote a few years ago as I was getting ready for the Christmas season....but you have to listen to hear my comment in song!

  3. I am thank-full that I still have my mom , a roof to sleep under and food on our plates.

  4. What a beautiful thing to do! Christmas to me is family sharing cooking we all love the cook at christmas we have a special time when putting up our tree and we spend the month before handmaking out ornaments for the tree so no matter what we do at christmas it's all about being together So chrismtas to me is family! Have a beautiful day Lisa

  5. Christmas has always been my favorite time of the year. Not only for the Christmas tree and vintage ornaments but for the true meaning of Christmas. Christmas is to me a day to gather together with friends and family and celebrate
    the day Christ was born.

  6. What a clever way to get people to think about THE REASON, which is the Christ, Immanuel (God with us) who came as a vulnerable and dependent human baby so that we, fallen humanity, might have life...So we, who have been given the greatest gift, take this time to turn our hearts towards God and give to our loved ones and to those less fortunate...It was never intended to be a seasonal thing...

  7. I'm just saying 'hello' here, as I left my reason for the season in your Cloth and Clay site.
    Have a lovely week! And thank you again for the privilege of being in your very lovely giveaway.
    Teresa Swanson
    from Cloth and Clay

  8. I think of Christmas as a time to pause our busy lives and refocus. Some years I am struck by the honest joy of my children and some years its a stranger that reminds me that its not just my life that is occurring at the moment, that there are so many other families gathering to their home and celebrating their blessings. It reminds me that I am part of a larger family. Lately, I have a tendency to look backwards at Christmas and am struck by the changes in the holiday photo's. There are so many gifts I recieved over the years that didn't come in wrappings and maybe I didn't see them at the time but I'm seeing them now. For me- these moments are reason enough to celebrate.

  9. Good Morning Daryle & Katie ~

    Congratulations on the new Art Doll magazine.... Hurray for you, love your creative work always and your kind hearts. Yes I agree with you ~ Jesus is the reason for the season. As you know, it's not about christmas presents. It's about His Christmas Presence! Emmanuel - God is with us <3 Much Love to you both always <3

  10. Hi Daryle and Katie, This Christmas season finds me praying daily. After 34 years of marriage, my husband died unexpectedly on August 21. Since then I have endured a cascade of events that have me asking "What is the universe trying to tell me", but I continue to pray, and listen, to that wee small voice that only He uses to help me understand all these events and to help me find the courage every day to carry on. With His help, I will!

    Daryle, your Sentinel of Winter made a lovely cover. Snow Seeds need to be planted here!

    happy Holidays, Dana

  11. the reason for Christmas is to give us an opportunity to find Christ and ourselves in unexpected places

  12. Hello Daryle and Katie. What a wonderful idea you have here. For me Christmas is a time to reflect on our many blessings. This year we are blessed to have another Christmas with my mother who suffers from alzheimers and every opportunity we have to celebrate with her is a blessing. I'm reminded of how when we were young she'd bake a Baby Jesus Birthday cake and we sang happy birthday to Him before opening any gifts. Wouldn't you know, I still make a birthday cake for Christmas! Have a blessed Season, Kitty

  13. Have a wonderful weekend & may your travels bring you many blessings always ~ Much Love Adrea