Monday, March 21, 2011

Folk Art with a Function...

I made the decision to add several washes of acrylic paint
to the head and then use a one step crackle medium.
(I'm hooked on that stuff...)
And a clock it is!   a.k.a. "functional" folk art!
I purchased a quartz movement clock kit that
I will attach to a wonderful old clock face 
that Katie and I found at a local flea market.



  1. OMG~ I want this when you are done, now I only need to sell a dozen dolls to buy it, LOL I love it so much Daryle

  2. Hi, Love this piece. What is the name of the one step crackle, if you don't mind sharing?
    Jan aka Lucy's Baby

  3. This is so amazing. I would never think of using a doll head for anything...You are a junk guru of trash...HA! I went to auction this evening and found the ugliest handmade grandfather clock ever! I have been so inspired by your work that I decided I could have some fun turning Mr. ugly into art!

  4. Please forgive my ignorance...I'm not seeing the connection between this work and a clock. (Then again, once my daddy said "would ya look at that chopper?" and I asked "where does it chop, daddy?"

  5. Daryle, this has come together beautifully! I love it as is, too. You are a genius when it comes to turning junk into treasures!!

  6. Looks like you had fun with this one- its great.

  7. Extraordinary work. I love it. I also want to say great job on "Miss Moses". I like it a lot.

  8. I am so glad to have found you thru Prims. Your dolls and such have great style! This clock is wonderful. I love the Underground Railroad doll in Prims too- Great little quilt in there too!!