Sunday, March 27, 2011

Music Box Angel Assemblage... Coming Along!

I have base-coated the doll's head
and just for the moment, added some vintage 
millinery flowers to a netting and ribbon "hat"...

The lyrics to Brahms Lullaby have definitely given
some momentum and direction to this doll assemblage!

An added element of surprise: 
the door hinge and door-key-hole...
I had this vintage photo in my stash of "long lost souls"
It seemed to fit perfectly!

Details... details... it's all about those little details!
Here's a look at where I am heading with this doll assemblage!
I have already changed the printed letters for "angel" 
with some old, warmly worn scrabble letters!
Thank you for stopping by... 
Wishing you and yours a blessed week! Daryle (and Katie too!)


  1. This is so very sweet and lovely. Every object came together wonderfully. I know the finished piece will be charming.

  2. Can I ask a question to technique? Where do you get the doll faces you've been putting on things? I know you sculpt some of them, are others sculpted or found?

  3. Oops. I went back one post and found the answer, at least to this one. :~P