Friday, March 18, 2011

Angel Assemblage... Day 3 or is it 4?

Have added some color to both the canvas and the wings...
verdis green, terra-cotta clay and metallic gold!  Yikes!
And now I am thinking... after Judi's post (Olde Time Dolls) 
that perhaps I should 
add some FUNCTION to this piece of FOLK ART!
What about a funky, fun clock face right in the center?
Hmmmm... I'm loving it    Thanks Judi!  

What do YOU think?  Let me know... drop me a note!
Warm Wishes (70's here in south jersey today!) 


  1. Hello Daryle and Katie...
    Oh, I just love this piece...such a unique piece.
    I like the idea of the clock...but I'm thinking it might get lost in all of the lovely detail.
    I would make a piece around a clock...
    Just a thought...

    Have a wonderful day!
    Hugs, Nancy

  2. Oh my...what a difference a day makes! It's fantastic right now. I like the idea of a funky clock... or maybe some type of pocket to put things long as the heart doesn't have to the heart....

  3. Daryle I love it so much, you are so creative. You just have to add a clock now!LOL

  4. Wow, what a masterpiece! It looks great!

  5. Daryle - I really like this creation. Also, congrats on your Prims feature! :-)

  6. I've loved watching this project evolve, how fun! Funny you should mention putting a clock in the middle, for some reason my mind just filled in the space with a coo-coo clock and a little bird springing out :)